India Pale Ales

All Fluff IPA

This Northwest take on a New England style IPA is easy drinking and fluffy just as the name suggest. It starts with a big orange juice and apricot character on the nose following through on the palate with notes of mango and pineapple. This lends perfectly to the smoothie-like mouth feel and body. Though full of fruit character it finishes with enough of a bite to remind you that it’s a beer from the west coast. Even with this style seeming to be all the rage right now, we think its all fluff.

30 IBU

6.4% ABV


Hops The New Fruit IPA

This West Coast Style IPA doesn’t shy away from the traditional bitterness of a true IPA while at the same time showcasing bold tropical fruit character. The beer starts off with a nose of ripe tropical fruit, including Pineapple and Papaya. Mango and nectarine follow through on the palate along with notes of cantaloupe and honeydew rounding it out. Nothing is held back with the bright, medium body that allows the showcase of fruit character to shine through. No fruit was harmed during the making of this beer because Hops the New Fruit!

6.8% ABV

60 IBU


Voss IPA

This is an IPA brewed with a Norwegian yeast strain. This along with our hop selection of Simcoe and Mosaic has created some crazy, crisp Tangerine flavors with an attractive dry orange peel bitterness. We are calling this beer "Voss IPA” after the region in Norway that this farmhouse yeast hails from.

6.2% ABV

30 IBU


40º South IPA

We used Galaxy and Waimea that are grown near the 40º South Latitude line in Australia and New Zealand. This one boasts a tropical nose with big notes of Pineapple and tangerine popping out of the glass. As the sweet nectar hits the pallet it follows through with notes of Papaya, Guava, and melon melding together. A subtle orange peel bitterness comes through on the crisp, clean finish tying it all together.

6.4% ABV

65 IBU


Old Pine

This is our modern take on a “old school” West Coast IPA, harking back to the resinous hop bombs of yesteryear! Sweet pine resonates on the nose along with hints of fresh peeled citrus. The medium body hits the pallet in a way that allows a full bouquet of tangerines, grapefruit and oranges to come through. The beer finishes with an appealing, resinous bitterness that leaves you wanting to drink on

6.8% ABV

75 IBU

No Fluff IPA.png

No Fluff IPA

All Fluff, hold the fluff

30 IBU

6.4% ABV



This IPA, as at the name suggests has huge pineapple, orange, and guava notes throughout with a medium body that complements the big juice punch it delivers. This beer finishes a lower level of bitterness that again pops the big tropical fruit flavors

Washington Beer Awards 2017 Silver Medal Winner - Belgo-American & International Ales

6.2% ABV

50 IBUs


Juice Cleanse IPA

This beer starts off with aromas of Eucalyptus and Pineapple on the nose followed by Melon and strawberry with light cracker notes on the the palate. It finishes light and pillowy with just a touch of bitterness.

60 IBUs

6% ABV


The Big DIPA

This Double IPA drinks pretty easy. The nose has aromas of dense Pineapple meat and notes of eucalyptus. The palate moves toward ripe papaya and strawberries. This one finishes with a bite but is not overwhelming and resonates with a distance pleasantness.

84 IBUs

8.4% ABV


Matchless IPA

Our flagship, IPA has a nose leading to aromas of peaches and tangerines. Its pours a golden orange with moderate haziness. The body is moderate and pillowy leading to notes of ripe fruit on the palate including nectarines, apricots and navel oranges. The finishes is semi dry with a light bitterness that complements the fruit notes throughout. 

70 IBU

6.5% ABV


Pale Ales


Crack A Fruit

This beer has a big fruity Australian hop character with notes of melons, citrus, and many other not so subtle fruit fruit notes. This beer is one of our favorites so far as it has the typical hop forward character you have come to know from us but at a sessionable abv of 4.3% that allows people to keep coming back for more! This beer has an appropriate low bitterness and is hopped the same amount of flavor and aroma hops as our IPAs.

Washington Beer Awards 2017 Bronze Medal winner - Belgo-American & International Ales

40 IBU

4.2% ABV

600 Sec.png

600 Second

Pale Ale is a crisp and refreshing easy drinker. This beer is a perfect one for the warm weather ahead! The nose has light aroma of lemon and orange blossom, leading into a palate with notes of refreshing pomelos and Valencia oranges. The finish is dry with a subtle bitterness that does not linger.

40 IBU

4.8% ABV




Canada Gold

The people who live everywhere truly deserve a beer brewed with the best the land of Canada has to offer. This beer was inspired by our friends to the north and is a simple take on a classic "premium" Canadian Lager. It is a full flavored beer that drinks easy It is beer like beer used to be, no fruit, not sour, no barrels, just beer.

15 IBU

5.2% ABV


Special Dark

Like a Schwarzbier/Baltic Porter mash up. A crisp body and firm bitterness meets rich roasty, chocolate and toast flavors with a hint of oak smoke and a dry finish. What old time dark lagers must have tasted like.

40 IBU

5.5% ABV


Mexico Gold Lager

This is our easy drinking summer seasonal lager. It has a soft lager aroma on the nose and hits the pallet with a quick thirst quenching splash. This beer finishes dry and leave you coming back for more. This beer goes great with a lime on a nor west summer day!

4.2% ABV


Matchless "Original" Pilsner

Our take on a classic German Pils. 100% Step mashed Weyermann Pils malt, Calista and Saphir hops, lager yeast, water. Lagered for four weeks. That's it.

4.8% ABV


Airways Collaboration French Pilsner

Crisp and Clean take on the classic French Pilsner brewed with our friends at Airways Brewing.

4.8% ABV




Shared Table

This is our take on a true Belgian Saison. It hits and highlights all the right places that are synonymous with the style while still being easy drinking! The aroma touts lemon and a light peppery nose. The palate pops with a combination of fruity and spicy characteristics brought on by the yeast and hops and is balanced with soft, complementary malt notes. All of this fades gently with a crisp dry finish that is once again true to style. The name comes from where this beer is best served, shared with fiends at the table over a tasty meal.

Washington Beer Awards 2017 Gold Medal Winner - Belgian and French Farmhouse Ales

35 IBU

5.6% ABV


Pink Moon

Fouder aged classic Belgian style Saison.  Funk in just the right places.  Totally one of Cory's favorite beers.

Washington Beer Awards 2017 Bronze Medal Winner - Wood & Barrel Aged Beers

6.2% ABV




Matchless Bar

This is imperial stout with three different varieties of vanilla beans and coco nibs. As this name suggest this is what the chocolate river in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory would have tasted like if it were beer!

Washington Beer Awards 2017 Silver Medal Winner - Chocolate or Cocoa Beer

25 IBU

10.5% ABV


Hoppy Funky

This one is a big fruit forward hoppy Brett beer with a touch of funk. The nose is a crazy, juicy fruit and fruit punch aroma followed by distinct Brett character complementing the fruit flavors brought about by Citra and Mosaic hops. The beer finishes crisp and dry with just enough of a subtle bite to balance everything out. 

6.6% ABV